Baldwin bowlers move into first place

Autumn Heighton



File photo

BALDWIN -- On Saturday the Baldwin boys bowling team moved into first place by 10 points in the conference.

“Currently, we have two meetings remaining, and it will come down to the wire,” coach Duane Roberts said. “Baldwin earned an overall 26.5 points compared to MCE's 3.5 points. Jake Cutler has bowled the highest competition game to date during the first individual at 235, and his second game was 193.

“Blake Anderson ended with a 227 series, Donald (Donnie) Harris II with a 210 series, and Gabriel VanderGeld with a 353 series after throwing his new high game of 191. Gabe was able to convert a 6-7 split early in the match to give the team much added adrenaline and excitement, and Bobby Champagne with a 162 series. Congratulations to the team as only Jake is a returning player from previous years.”

Meanwhile, “the Baldwin Girls solidified their lead and growth by beating the Crossroads Charter Academy A Team on Saturday,” Roberts said. “New personal bests and scores came all around from Krista Simmons, Daisy Simmons, Naomi Marsh-Robinson, Alyssa Huiet, Willow Gardner, Autumn Heighton and Ariel Coleman.”