Wroblewski twins ready for big season on diamond

BALDWIN  — Twin sisters Marissa and Marlena Wroblewski are looking for their junior seasons on the Baldwin softball diamond to be their best.

Marissa will be trying out at second base and seeing some action at pitching and outfield.

“Playing second base is new this year,” she said. “I’ve been outfielder and pitcher the last two years.”

At second base, “you have to focus and really be into the game,”Marissa said. “You have to pay attention and stay focused.”

As a pitcher, accuracy has been a strength and Wroblewski is working on her speed to get more strikeouts.

Marissa is also hoping to be a strong hitter.

“I’ve been practicing a lot with batting and I’ve improved a lot,” she said. “I think this year will be a lot better. I need to focus on the ball, be patient and swing hard.”

The Panthers open at home Monday against Crossroads Charter Academy.

“I think the team is looking good,” Marissa said. “Most of the players are veterans from the past couple of years and we work well as a team. We’re getting stronger.”

The twins both played basketball and softball this season. There was also a focus on basketball.

“During the past summer, my sister and I were out pitching every day,” Marlena said.  “(During the fall), we would pitch to each other and keep our ams loose.”

Marlena is also a pitcher and left fielder.

‘I feel like I have improved because of my time over the summer and conditioning,” she said. “I do have more velocity on pitches. I’m more accurate than before. I’ve been practicing to throw strikes down the middle.”

When she’s in the outfield, she’ll have a strong arm, Marlena said, adding that her hitting should be stronger.

“I need to focus on the ball and know when to hit it and watch the pitcher,” she said, adding that as a team “we work well together.”