Wroblewski reflects on junior baseball season

BALDWIN  — Baldwin's baseball season has ended for junior Alec Wroblewski, but it was a fun one.

Wroblewski played various positions in the outfield during the season, which ended on Friday with a 7-4 loss to host Custer-Mason County Eastern in the Division 4 district semifinals.

"I'm not really sure I have a best spot," he said. "My favorite spot would probably be left. That gets a little more action than right field."

Wroblewski was happy with his defense this season.

"I think I've been doing pretty well," he said. "I've been consistent."

Hitting the ball is a part of his play that Wroblewski acknowledges could use some work.

"I got better since the beginning of the year, definitely," he said. "You have to watch the ball all the way through. I think I have to go back to the basics to get better. Nice swing, hand-eye coordination, put the bat where the ball is."

This was Wroblewski's first baseball season.

"It's gone really well," he said. "I've enjoyed playing with my teammates."

A lingering winter made for a tough preseason and cold, wet temperatures made it even tough to get much game-time in during the spring.

"Cancellations hit us, but it's not that big of a deal," he said. "We'd like more game-time to get used to our opponents. But we've been keeping up."