BALDWIN - Former Baldwin athletic director and current coach Abe Williams has seen plenty of standout athletes in recent years including Andon Ware.

Williams recalls Ware played Baldwin basketball, baseball and football, and ran track and field.

In football, Ware was a running back and defensive back. It was probably his best sport.

"I think his best position was like a safety," Williams said. "He was agile, he had quickness and had a lot of heart. He understood the game."

Ware was also an effective running back.

He played college football at Notre Dame of Ohio.

In basketball, Ware was able to handle the ball effectively up and down the court for Baldwin. His rebounding and scoring was also effective.

''He was a leading scorer for us," Williams said.

Ware was a sprinter and long jumper in track and also scored plenty of points in that sport.