Turkey season has been slow

Turkey hunting season continues to the end of this month but it seems to have been a poor season so far.

“It’s been slow,” said veteran turkey hunter Jim Maturen of Reed City. “I expect our kill numbers will be down.”

“All in all, I think it was a rather slow season,” Maturen said. “Our turkey population is down considerably from what it was at one time, so that’s going to affect it. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate. We had a lot of wet weather and windy weather. It was the whole combination.

“I know some turkey hunters successful every year who never even had a chance this year,” Maturen said. “I had the second season (late April) while my son had the first season. On the third day of our hunt, he was able to get a really nice gobbler. We were fortunate. In places where we used to have a lot of turkeys, there aren’t any. Turkeys were found in a pocket here and a pocket there. Your local guys probably have an opportunity to know where more of your turkeys are.“

Maturen said he killed a young gobbler on the third day.

“That would have been the only opportunity for the week hunt to get a bird,” he said. “I’ve talked to an awful lot of hunters that did not get a bird. It’s been a tough season.”

The turkey season started in mid April with the first two seasons. The final season has been in May.

“You look at (Wednesday), another cold and windy day,” Maturen said. “Right now, the turkeys aren’t gobbling actively. Breeding season is kind of winding down right now.”