Turkey hunters eye more success

BIG RAPIDS — It’s season No. 3 for turkey hunters.

But Big Rapids’ Ron Kanitz won’t soon forget No. 2.

The third season for turkey hunters, May 4-31, is underway. The first season started April 20 followed by the second season April 27.

Greg Nichols Sr., of Baldwin, had the first season but didn’t find success.

“I had several turkeys in front of me,” he said. “I was too far out.”

Nichols recalled that it was wet and cold at the start of his season.

“Our season got shortened a bit,” he said. “(The latter seasons) should be better. The first season is usually my best. But it looks like the others might be better.”

Season No. 2 definitely favored Kanitz.

“The second season was pretty good,” he said.

Kanitz’s turkey had a 10-inch beard and he shot it on his property April 27.

“It was windy in the morning,” he said.”I saw some but couldn’t get them to come. So went back in the house and had lunch and decided to go back in the afternoon. Around (3 p.m.) I heard a gobble and two of them came in.”

Kanitz tested his calling skills.

“In the morning its just too windy,” he said. “In the afternoon, it calmed right down. I started calling again and they showed up. The one he was with is still running around. It was an interesting day and turned out nice.”

The last season goes until May 31.

“It should be pretty good,” Kanitz said. “The hens are still walking around and the toms are still looking.”

Jason Donley, of Trigger Time Outfitters in Big Rapids, indicated hunters have generally had success. He added both the first and second seasons went well.

“The third season has started out well,” he said.

Vic Havens of Frank’s Sporting Goods in Morley indicated hunters have been bringing in a good number of turkeys in the early portions of the general season.