BALDWIN — This weekend’s Troutarama softball tournament has attracted eight teams.

Curt Gravitt, president of the Baldwin Men’s Softball League, said the double elimination tournament will start in the morning at Hollister Park’s fields. He anticipates the title game being in the late afternoon or early evening.

Gravitt indicated it will be a competitive tournament again with all eight teams being from out of the area. He said no local teams entered the tournament.

Gravitt added trophies will be awarded at the end of the tournament.

He announced last month there would not be a league for the second straight season because there’s not enough numbers for the minimum amount of teams that would be needed.

In the past, there have been four or five teams playing once a week at the two Hollister Park fields.

But Gravitt said along with the Troutarama Tournament, there will be a Labor Day tournament the first weekend in September. The Baldwin Softball League sponsors the Troutarama event.

The Labor Day event is double-double elimination and will last longer.

The Labor Day event is still looking for teams. Anyone interested can contact Gravitt at (231) 349-6357.