They’re the center of attention for Panthers

BALDWIN — Tyler Clugston and Elijah Bramer have been the center of attention for the Baldwin football team, in more ways than one.

Clugston is the starting center for the Panthers while Bramer is his backup and is also starting as a outside linebacker on defense.

Clugston is a freshman for the Panthers with two games under his belt. Baldwin is 1-1.

“We have a good team,” he said. “We have a great offense, we have speed. We’re a small team and rely on our speed. But our guys get tired. We go hard two or three quarters and by that fourth quarter, we’re tired.”

Clugston also played center on the junior high and Rocket levels.

“The biggest difference (on varsity)- is how hard the guys go,” Clugston said. “I’m used to being the biggest guy. Now I’m the smallest. It forces me. I have to push hard.”

Clugston is 6-0, 175.

The Panthers have their first home game Friday night against Carson City-Crystal.

“They’re an equal team to us,” Clugston said. “If we keep going hard in that fourth quarter, we have the offense and defense that we can beat them. We have to push for it.”

Clugston is a backup on the defensive line.

Bramer is a sophomore for the Panthers. He was a backup defensive player last season.

In the 42-34 loss to Mount Pleasant Sacred Heart, “we played a good game, we should have won,” Bramer said. “We had penalties against us that shouldn’t have happened. But it was a good game.”

Bramer said his roles depend on the defense Baldwin is running.

I think I’m playing decent for my size,” he said.

Against CC-Crystal “we have to play all four quarters,” Bramer said.