BIG RAPIDS — Gus Macker is for all ages and the youngsters definitely had a fun time in this weekend’s downtown Big Rapids tournament.

This included a Big Rapids youth team in the 15-and-under division that went 6-1 and took first place. The team of DJ Greenbay. DJ Lee, Jamal Strickland and Dillon Samuels won the title game 15-145. They avenged the team that beat them earlier in the tournament.

“It was fun being able to come back and take the game from them,” Lee said.

“It was our first Macker ever,” Samuels said. “It’s great to have a team and win your first one.”

Boys from St. Mary’s School had fun on Saturday and even had a pickup game at the courts after the tournament had ended for the day.

Dylan Walsh, 12 of St. Mary, and some of his friends played on a team. The Storm, which was 1-1 the first day. The Macker tournament gave he and others on the team the chance to experience a big city feel. They enjoyed playing as a dominant team against good competition. They also played at the Midland Macker in the past, and they enjoyed playing on a downtown street.

“It’s very fun,” Noah Brandt, a young spectator, said. “Teams can come together and play.”