PARIS — It’s May, and no one is loving the weather more than Paris resident and avid outdoorsman Kyle Randall, also host of the Wilderness Journal TV program.

“The local guys are doing well on the lakes and I see suckers running in the river,” Randall said. “There’s all sorts of things happening at once because of the delayed spring.”

Randall found reason to feel good about almost every aspect of the outdoors.

“The turkey hunting season is going tremendously well from everything we’ve experienced,” he said. “We’ve talked to people who have called into the show and they’re doing really well. There’s lot of birds, more birds this year, mostly because of the fairly mild winter up until the springtime. The fishing had been really slow but things are turning on fast. The local guys have been chasing them heavy the last few days and they’d going well. As the water warms up a few more degrees, they’ll do even better.

“The last few days (of April), it really started kicking in. I think it’s going to be one of the best Mays we’ve had in a long time. Everything has been held back, But now it’s busting loose. That will bode well for people who can get out. The turkey hunting has been tremendous and the fishing is really good.”