TV host likes area turkey hunting prospects



BIG RAPIDS -- With the state's stay at home mandates, Paris area resident Kyle Randall, host of the Wilderness Journal TV program, notes not too much has been going on.

"We have gone out and have been a little bit going on and looking for turkeys, just myself and my Mrs.," he said. "With the first season. I know people don't want to be in popup blinds, but if they're hunting with family members, I think that's still doable. As far as fishing goes, I know trout will be opening up (April 25) and I know people can do that. It will have to be a lot more time spent by yourself in the out of doors,

"This will be over pretty quick so I think right now, the out of doors is one of the great opportunities yet. I know a few people are talking finding some mushrooms. There's things out there to do."

Randall said the seasonable spring weather is a plus for outdoor activities "to a degree. I think it will start making the turkeys a little leery. I see them strutting already. I was out this morning and noticed some big toms strutting. The problem with that is on the other end I think it will speed up the turkey breeding season. The time the third season comes around, it might be a little tougher to find a bird that wants to respond.

"If you have an early season or access to one you may want to get out of there as quickly as you can."

Area K consists of Mecosta, Osceola, Lake and Newaygo and other counties.

The first season is April 18-24 and the second season is April 25-May 1. The third season, is Hunt 0234, which has a license sold as a leftover license with no quota and can be bought throughout the entire spring turkey hunting season.

The third season is May 1-31.