BALDWIN — Steelhead remains the name of the game, locally.

Fishermen in the Baldwin area continue to target steelhead.

“There wasn’t very much action (Monday),” Doug Loomis, of Ed’s Sports Shop, said. “Some are going turkey hunting (which started Monday) and some are going fishing,”

Wesley Allen of the Pere Marquette River Lodge said. “The weather is finally starting to shape up into something people want to get back into. They’ve only got three weeks less of the traditional season, but I would suspect it will go out with a bang.

“We’ve got some rain in the forecast. We’re hoping to see some fresh fish.”

Jason Frank, of Baldwin Bait & Tackle, indicated fishing conditions haven’t really change that much in the past two weeks.

“There’s some steelhead around in the river system,” Frank said. “It’s starting to dwindle a little bit. If you put your time in, you can probably get a few fish. At this point in time, it’s about the only thing going on in the fishing scene.”