Sportsman club schedules work party

BALDWIN - Lake County Sportsman Club president Len Todd has announced a work bee for this week.

"The weather forecast for this Saturday's work party is looking great," he said in the club's newsletter. "We will start at 10 a.m. and move the branches off the neighbor's property and pile all the branches on our property. This is a great win-win.

"We fix the airport approach issue and create habitat for the area's small game in one fell swoop. All the offending trees have been cut down. Bring chain saws and large pruning shears. Many hands make for quick work. Also, this project will earn you credit toward the 2022 dues."

Todd said the property purchase on the corner of Baldwin and McKinley is complete.

"We also have cleared the trees and brush from the corner. We will be deciding what type of sign we want to get in the next meeting on April 20," he said.