BALDWIN -- Len Todd has been handling the role of Lake County Sportsman's Club president in recent months and has been working on getting his organization ready for 2020.

On Friday, the club had a clean up day.

"We've ben waiting around to get a person with a forklift in there and a tractor so we could move the heavy stuff, Todd said. "That's what we did. You have to take advantage of whenever you can get your hands on the equipment.

"We went out in five different directions and cut some of the brush which had came down with the ice storms over the winter. You can't do a lot when you can't get too close."

He was referring to social distancing which club members had to stick to while doing the work.

"The range is open so you have to maintain social distancing," Todd said. "If you use something we ask when you're done with it to wipe it down."