Softball team getting ready for opener

BALDWIN — Kyrie Norman is in her senior season for Baldwin’s softball team and is working on getting the job done offensively at the plate and defensively at third base.

Norman also played last season for the Panthers.

“I’ve improved a lot in my batting and throwing,” she said. “I’ve gained a lot of speed in throwing. We’ve made a lot of progress. Our catching has gotten so much better.”

Like for other spring sports team, the unusually warm weather for March has helped in producing quality practices, Norman indicated.

“It’s better than last year. I remember it was raining and snowing for a long time and we didn’t get much outdoor practice before our first game,” she said, adding that the key to successful hitting is “a good batting stance and get rid of the nerves. Just be ready.”

“Defensively, I keep my glove on the ground at all times,” Norman added.

She’s confident of a successful team season.

“We have a lot of athletes on the team so we have a good chance,” Norman said.

“We’re getting better every day,” said Baldwin coach Bob Hilts. “We’re throwing better. You can see we’re hitting the ball now. They’re all making good contact now. I feel better every day.”

Some of his players have been on a four-day trip to Lansing for an educational field trip. Spring break starts on Friday.

There are 16 players on Hilts’ roster. The schedule starts April 19 with Hesperia and Custer Mason-County Eastern after that.

“If we can make it through those two games, and play good fundamental ball and look good, I’ll be happy,” Hilts said. “They’re both powerhouse teams and we’re rebuilding. If I see us do the fundamentals and mechanics OK, I’ll be happy.”