BALDWIN — Jamie Batka was among the softball players camped out at Hollister Park last weekend and for good reason.

It was one of the major events at the park with the Troutarama softball tournament. He was playing with Rademakers out of Grand Haven. There were 12 players on the team. He stayed overnight at the field with teammates in tents or campers while others were at cabins.

Rains stayed away for the most part over the weekend.

The team also plays at Hollister for the Labor Day tournament.

“I’ve been coming here for 15 to 16 years,” Batka said. “The Rademaker team has been up here more than that.”

Batka said players enjoy coming to the Troutarama tournament because of the festival atmosphere and activities for adults and youngsters.

The Labor Day tournament goes under the lights for 24-hours especially since it has a double-double elimination format. Teams must lose four games before they’re out. In double elimination, teams lose two games and they’re out.

“I’m getting older so (the Labor Day tournament) is not as fun since you’re playing all night,” Batka said.

Competition has been impressive, Batka noted.

“We have a good time up here,” he said. “I come to the festival tournaments and have fun. As long as they let me keep playing I‘ll come.”