BALDWIN — Lake County program coordinator Laurie Platte Breza said on Monday she’s looking into starting a community soccer program this fall.

“The county has been asking for soccer for awhile now.” Breza said. “I wrote a grant in the spring for equipment. We were awarded the grant as part of a 4-H project.

“The adults have been telling me they’re interested, but I haven’t heard that much from the kids. We don’t have soccer in this county at all. I don’t how this will go over. We want to find parents that have played, coached or refereed soccer. I don’t know who from this county has that background.”

The grant starts this fall, she said.

“I thought what I would do is run two, maybe three type of introductory type classes that would run an hour or hour and a half for the kids who want to see what soccer is all about,” Breza said. “We have the equipment so we want the kids to come together and learn basic skills and basic positions. It’s similar to our baseball program where we’re starting from scratch.”

Persons interested in working with the program can call Breza at (231) 745-2732.

The tentative site for the facility for practices is still being worked on, she said.