Scott set to be key contributor for Baldwin softball team

BALDWIN — Shay Scott is eager for another Baldwin softball season.

It’s her senior season. She played third and first base last season.

“This year, I’m maintaining third base,” Scott said. “I have one of the best arms on the team. I have the ability to throw it long distances. My glove seems to catch anything on its own. I’m not really worried about anything that may come too fast or too far.”

Scott was among the team’s top hitters last year.

“My goal this year is to hit a home run,” she said. “It’s my goal to do it for three games. The key to success is concentration and patience. This game seems fast paced, but there’s a lot of slow-paced moments when you need to focus. If you go too fast you may mess up.”

The season starts at home April 11 with Crossroads. Baldwin is at Walkerville on April 21 and at Brethren April 25. There are also home games April 28 with Manistee Catholic Central and May 9 with Onekama.

“You can always improve,” Scott said. “I expect to be 10 times better than I was before. I expect to be hitting better, to be throwing better, and for my accuracy to be way more precise.”

Scot likes her team’s prospects.

“We have some really good athletes on the team,” she said. “Hard work and dedication will come easily. As for talent and potential, we have so much of it, that I believe this year will be our year and we can go further than anyone expects our softball team, to do.

“I’m ready to be outside.”