Scott enjoys solid infield season for Panthers

BALDWIN — Shay Scott made her debut at third base this season for Baldwin’s softball team with successful results.

“I’ve been at third base, and first base, but mostly third,” she said. “I love third base. I’ve been playing it for years. It’s my passion. With my talent, it’s where I can help the team out the most. I have a good arm, good distance. It’s where the team can all hear me.”

Defensively, Scott has had a strong season, especially with her arm.

“I’ve been using it pretty well,” she said. “I’ve been getting girls out. I’ve learned how to get my feet down pat (for the throw).” 

A major highlight of the season was a doubleheader sweep over Walkerville.

“We kept our hopes up high, we kept our spirits high,” she said. ‘We learned that as long as we’re happy with each other and go out and have fun, there’s no way we can lose.

“From the first of March to now, the improvement has been amazing. We went from being discouraged and making mistakes that young teams would make.”

Scott has been happy with her hitting.

“Usually every time I can get a hit,” she said. “My problem is I always want to hit so bad that I swing too soon. The key is patience, let the ball get to you first.”

Baldwin plays at Holton Saturday for the Division 4 districts. Scott would like to hit a home run before the season ends.

“You have to take a good pitch, take your time and go for the swing,” she said.