Salmon run going strong

Pere Marquette River fishing guides keeping busy

BALDWIN – The salmon run at the Pere Marquette River is providing intriguing results.

“The fish are extremely large this year,” a spokesperson at the Pere Marquette River Lodge said. “We’re getting good results; (The peak) is getting close. We’ve got more people than last year The lodge is already sold out from this year.

“A lot of people come from out of state.”

The lodge is using eight fishing guides and each one is very busy.

“It’s going really well,” Lodge owner Frank Willetts said. “It’s been an awesome run. We’ve got lots of people and lots of fish. It’s been a great season so far. I’d say it’s been a little bit better from last year.

“I would say there are probably several more weeks and it will probably run until at least mid-October.”

Willetts has been with the salmon run 18 years. It’s the highlight for the Pere Marquette River.

“What makes it special is how many fish are in the river and how many trout come out to join the party and feed on the eggs,” Willetts said. “It’s not just the salmon but the steelhead are showing up.”