Salmon anglers enjoy success

Doug Loomis, of Ed's Sport Shop reports on the salmon run. (Star file photo)

Doug Loomis, of Ed's Sport Shop reports on the salmon run. (Star file photo)

BALDWIN - The salmon run is a unique fall tradition in Lake County.

So far, it's lived up to its billing.

The last week or so there's have been lots of boats in Ludington," Doug Loomis, of Ed's Sport Shop in Baldwin said, in early September. "There's been a lot of boats at Pere Marquette Lake. A lot are coming up. (Salmon) are already here."

"We've got salmon in the river right now," a spokesman at the Pere Marquette River Lodge said in late August. "We generally see salmon the last week of August through the first two weeks of October. So we really get into the prime of our peak for that and the start of the season.

"(In early October), the fish do come into the river to reproduce and pass away. As you get into late in the season, the fishing is still good but the fish start to get a little worn out and they're not as fun to fish for."

The salmon run, "in terms of events, is usually our highest in numbers," the spokesman said. "It depends on who you ask. Some guys like coming for trout fishing and some like coming for salmon. A lot of the people like to come for the bigger fighting fish."

Jason Frank, of the Baldwin Tackle Box, calls the salmon run "usually the biggest thing for the town of Baldwin. The guides are starting to work pretty much every day now."

On Tuesday of this week, Loomis and Dylan Willetts of the Pere Marquette River Lodge both confirmed anglers have been having high success with good catches of salmon in the 20-pound range or higher. It's expected to continue for another week or two.