BALDWIN — Baldwin's varsity 8-player football team recently ended its season at 3-6. But a bright note for the program was the junior high team, coached by Rusty Fullerton, finishing 4-2.

The team started out at 4-0 and lost its last two games. Fullerton noted it was still a highly successful season.

"It was a great year," he said. "The kids came together well. Both of our (final two) opponents were tough."

But Fullerton said he wanted to play tough teams so the athletes could learn.

"I hope they took those last two games and grow with them," he said.

A lot of players are coming back and a few will go to the high school, and will look to provide coach Bob Watkins' squad with talent.

Fullerton will start practicing with the girls basketball team as its coach on Nov. 6.