BALDWIN - Lake County had its share of successful deer hunters over the weekend, including Jerry Schrauben from Portland.

He bagged his 8-point buck on Friday in the county and on Sunday brought it to the DNR check station south of Big Rapids on US 131.

"Some guys aren't seeing any and some guys are," Schrauben said. "This is the only one I've seen but I shot him at quarter after 8 in the morning."

He stopped hunting after he shot his 8-pointer. Schrauben was hunting on public property and had no idea beforehand the buck was out there.

"I dragged it out and went back to the cabin," he said. "I saw a little bit of activity but didn't know what it was. He stayed in there for 10 minutes and finally came walking through. I shot from from about 150 yards."

He used a 30.06.

"He ran about 200 yards (after he shot the buck)," Schrauben, who was able to follow a blood trail," said.

It was the ninth deer Schrauben has shot in his lifetime.