TUSTIN - Tustin Trails Golf Course started a Friday morning high school league a few weeks ago, and Pine River athletes such as football players Taylor Helmboldt decided to take advantage of the unique opportunity.

"My friends are all doing it and I know the people who run the golf course," he said. "I just started (playing golf) two years ago."

As Helmboldt was starting out with the sport, he was trying to figure out his strength.

"I have to keep my head down more when I drive," he smiled.

In the fall, Helmboldt will be a senior running back for coach Terry Martin's Pine River team.

As far as the 2019 season was concerned, "it started off well but could have been a lot better," he said. "Toward the end of the season, we were falling apart."

Since the lockdown in March with the Coronavirus attack, Helmboldt said he has been focusing on fishing and golf.

"I do bass fishing at Hewitt Lake which is kind of by the school," he said.

Helmboldt is looking forward to starting football workouts, which are limited to some extent by the MHSAA with the return to sports activity following COVID-19.

Helmboldt is confident of a strong Pine River football squad this fall.

"I think we're going to be pretty good," he said.

"We're very aggressive and should be a solid all-around team."