Middle school teams having success

BALDWIN - Baldwin middle school boys basketball coaches Abe and Yvonne Williams have been having success with 20 players on their A and B teams.

The A team, consisting of eighth graders, is 4-4. The B team with sixth and seventh graders, are 6-1.

They suffered their first loss to Frankfort this past Saturday.

"'Both teams are coming along and playing well and learning how to play basketball," Yvonne Williams said.

Louie Jackson, JaVon Hawkins, Jamison Hunter, Avery Shooks, David Lee, Steven Hossler, Brian Flowers and Anthony Sowland are on the A team.

Josh Taylor, Chance Dockery, Bradley Copeland, Carmelo Burton, John Singer, Kingston McKinney, Demari Lanier, Louie Jackson, Loren Griffin, Marcus Martin, Lukas Frasier, Gabe Kuempel, Bradley Copeland, Jalene Allen and John Singer are on the B team.

Baldwin is home Monday with Pentwater and home with Walkerville on Wednesday.

The league tourney is Dec. 4 and Dec. 7.