Middle school basketball teams having success

BALDWIN - Baldwin middle school boys basketball coaches Abe and Yvonne Williams have been busy with 20 players on their A and B teams.

Players are in the sixth through eighth grades. They will play on Saturday in Brethren in tournament action.

The Panthers entered this week having played four games.

"The B team is 4-0 and the B team is 2-2," Abe Williams said.

"On the B team we have (as key players) Chance Dockery, Kingston McInney and Demari Lanier. On the A team, it will be Steve Hossler, David Lee and JaVon Hawkins,"

The emphasis, Williams noted, has been on defense.

"We're working on defense and working on plays," Williams said. "This is our fourth week. We've made tremendous progress. They're really hustling."