BALDWIN -- Motorized carts are allowed on golf courses and this is good news for Chris Balulis and her Marquette Trails Golf Course, which is now progressing into league action.

Approval for motorized carts was given on Friday. On Monday, Balulis and other course owners were especially anxious to get warmer weather which was expected to arrive as the week progressed.

"The first thing we have scheduled," Balulis said on Monday, "is men's league on Wednesday. They'll start at 3 to 4."

The course had been open but without the use of power carts. Allowing power carts to be used was expected to be a boon for golf courses.

"We just need the weather to get a little more consistent," Balulis said. "There's seems to be different people around right now who are even here during the week, whether they have a second home and are sheltering here or there/ They were even walking before we could have carts."

But better golf weather would be more than welcomed.

"You might get a hard core guy here or there who would play in the 40s," Balulis said. "But not a lot of people."

With the conoravirus pandemic still in force, there are still restrictions. Golfers aren't allowed to congregate in the clubhouse. The restaurant is still closed.

"I'm going to open this weekend for takeout," Balulis said, adding even when the restaurants are allowed to open, "I think there's going to be some tight restrictions."