BALDWIN -- Marquette Trails Golf Course had its first men's league play on May 13 and course owner Chris Balulis couldn't have asked for better weather.

Right now, she's hoping to see as many golfers as possible.

One of the golfers on opening day was Jerald Volkers from Big Star Lake, who moved to the area last year and decided to join the men's Wednesday League.

"The fact we couldn't golf when the weather got nice was kind of tough," Volkers said. "We got used to it. Then when we were allowed to golf, the weather wasn't too cooperative. I'm the kind of guy who social distances anyway. I don't use a cart so walking is fine."

Marquette Trails also has a Thursday men's league.

"Both the leagues are pretty competitive," Volkers said. "There's some players and there's some people who need some help."

Volkers averages in the high 30s for nine holes.

Marquette Trails, he said, "is beautiful and challenging. There's some spots where you don't want to be. I think I'm a better chipper."

The league will go until the fall, he said.

Balusis has been having takeouts at the clubhouse and are waiting for approval to open it up.

The Tuesday ladies league was set to open on May 26.