Marquette Trails Golf Club is open

Marquette Trails, outside of Baldwin, opened last week. (Star photo/John Raffel)

Marquette Trails, outside of Baldwin, opened last week. (Star photo/John Raffel)

BALDWIN -- Marquette Trails Golf Club in Baldwin is open for play, but there are still some restrictions for course users.

Chris Balulis, Marquette Trails owner, noted the course opened on Friday following a relaxation of restrictions from the governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

"We weren't ready because we didn't think she'd lift anything before May 1," Balulis said. "So we scrambled hard and opened up on Saturday and Sunday."

Being closed was a definite hardship Balulis said, citing taxes, insurance and other expenses incurred by golf courses.

Without the restrictions, put into place by the coronavirus pandemic. "We would have to be open by March, Balulis said. "We actually had some nice weekends the end of March and the first couple of weekends in April. Out of six weekends we were forced to be closed there was only one nongolfable weekend. All the rest were playable.

"Our restaurant should have opened two weeks ago," Balulis said. "We're open seven days a week, weather permitting."

The course plans on having leagues again but it depends when motorized carts can be used.

Balulis said she was informed earlier this week any certified handicapped person is allowed to use a cart.

"Otherwise, you're supposed to walk right now," Balulis said. "And not many people want to do that. I have people calling every day wondering when golf carts are going to be allowed because they can't walk or don't want to walk. We have an older clientale here, older people. We feel it's being a little too strict, especially when you have big bills to pay.

"I understand where the (governor) is coming from; it's about keeping the employee safe. I think it should be allowed. I'm hoping things will go better and she will lighten up maybe a little bit each week."

Balulis said having single drivers in carts is a possible remedy.