Luther Little League season in full gear

LUTHER  — The Luther Little League has had modest numbers this summer but action is still going strong this month.

Larry Lucas is coaching the 10-to-12 year-old Luther team that had its fifth game last week. The first game was May 19. The season goes until July 1. The team is a part of the Luther Area Sports Association. Also on the team’s schedule are Lake City, Marion, LeRoy and Tustin.

It’s the only team in that age level. Luther has started out with a 3-2 record.

Luther also has a T-Ball team for ages 5-6. There’s no girls team this season.

“We had five or six girls that signed up,” Lucas said. “That doesn’t make a team. We’re hurting for kids. We only had nine here (last week). We had 11 and one got hurt and one didn’t show up. Now we’re down to nine.”

The league’s numbers have been dropping, Lucas noted.

“We don’t have a school (building) here anymore,” Lucas said. “Most of the kids are playing in LeRoy and Tustin now. They want to play with their friends. You know how that goes.”

Games are played every Monday and Wednesday. Luther was set to have a home game this Wednesday.

Luther is in Lake County, but is a member of the Pine River school district.