Local TV celebrity predicts favorable times ahead for fishing



PARIS - It's getting into the hot, muggy days of summer, but Kyle Randall of Paris, host of the Wilderness Journal TV program, sees some good times ahead.

"The fishing is finally starting to come around," Randall said. "We finally quit getting heavy rains. I know largemouth fishing in the inland lakes has been really good. I know that first hand because we went out four days ago and did really well.

"Catfish in the river, we went down to the Grand River yesterday and caught a lot of really nice channel cats. The bluegills are off their beds and starting to bite again. All-in-all, while there's still some bluegills bedding, I'd say the freshwater fish around our area are really get-ting good."

Randall had some mixed remarks of the 2020 turkey season, which ended on May 31.

"The early season was very good," he said. "Everyone I talked to tagged out or had an opportunity to. The last season, it got really warm, then we got very unpredictable weather. Those two things are not beneficial. Very few people tagged out in the last few weeks."

Randall reminds everybody wildlife is likely to be extremely active right now.

"Right now is when does are starting to move with their newborn fawns," he said. "They had them a couple of weeks ago and they're just now starting to move around and follow the does. You have to be really cautious when you're out driving, even riding a bicycle down a trail. It's real easy to have one squirt in front of you.

"It's just not at dark. This time of year, the bugs start getting bad and push the deer out in the opening to get away from the flies and mosquitoes. They're in the ditches, they're in the field and they're out there in the middle of the day. Don't think you can't have a deer run in front of you because it's 80 degrees and the middle of the day. Right now, this time of year is as bad as the rut for hitting deer."