Little League booster happy with progress

BALDWIN — Lee Moore has enjoyed watching Lake County 4-H Little League games this season.

That’s because Moore, a league booster, has seen the numbers grow from last year to this summer.

He’s been working with both leagues in the 10-12-year-old division.

“We’ve had growth both in numbers and I would say also in character,” he said. “The boys are more disciplined this year than they have been in the past, which is really our goal.”

Moore is confident the league has reached those goals.

“We got a compliment when we were in Scottville the other day,” he said. “They said ‘wow, is that the same team as last year?’ Even though we beat them, they gave us a compliment on our play as well as our attitudes and character. That was good. They are definitely doing much better. We hope even next year will be better.”

Moore worked with the age group last year when it had practices but Baldwin wasn’t able to get in games. They’ve had games with Custer, Scottville and Riverton this season and also scrimmages between the two Baldwin teams at Hollister Park.

“If we can fight the rain, we’ll be in good shape,” Moore smiled, pointing to various rainouts this season. “This year we have the makings of two teams. We’d like to have four if possible. We’d like to be able to have a league where people want to join the Baldwin league. Right now, we’re joining the others. We want them to join ours. Even this year, we’re hoping to get some tournament games if teams want to play.

“It will happen. If they come here and enjoy the experience, it won’t be a problem, and we think they will.”

Moore said the league was set to fund a softball team but didn’t have enough numbers. Two girls are playing with the boys in Little League.

“They’re coming along well,” he said. “This is hardball, there are things they have to get used to.”