BALDWIN -- Len Todd is president of the Lake County Sportsman Club and also a member of the Lake County Modelers and Flyers Radio Controlled (RC) club which had its three-day event June 11-13 at Baldwin Airport.

"The event was in full swing on day one with over 30 pilots registering and with 65 RC Jets onsite," Todd said. "Actually many pilots showed up the day before the event started. The action never quit until 5 p.m. the day after the event It was the largest RC event that we ever had.

"On Saturday, there were 42 registered RC pilots with well over 125 RC Jets onsite. They made hundreds of flights. There were dozens of pilot prizes for the pilot's raffle donated by some of our 19 local and 12 national sponsors. We even had a three-quarter scale P-51 Mustang and a full-scale L29 jet fly in and provided a static display."

It was a record spectator turnout in the event's seven-year history.

"At point in time, the spectators were lined upon both ends of pit row with the west line of spectators being almost 1/8-mile long," Todd said. "As I understand it, we filled the two primary motels in town with customers. The restaurants were turning away customers because they were at capacity. This was the first jet event in the country since the pandemic started. We had pilots from Ohio, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois Kentucky and all over Michigan."