Lake County disc golf league in action twice a week

BALDWIN — Local disc golf league play is under way in Baldwin.

Lake County 4-H program coordinator Seth Hopkins has the team going strong with action locally on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

A practice is followed by a nine-hole round. Eventually, local league play will be on Thursday when travel-league action begins.

“We’ll do some skill drills where we use the practice basket between the parking lot and the baseball diamond,” Hopkins said. “It’s skill drills to help them improve their skills.

“It’s a variety of different drills like putting drills, approach drills, some driving drills. The other thing we do is play a round of golf. We’re building a skill level and establishing a handicap so they can compete amongst themselves for prizes.”

Participants use a variety of discs, similar to a golfer that uses a wide variety of clubs.

“I have 15 different discs in my bag,” Hopkins said. “One youth has a big bag. The other ones are averaging four to six discs, I would say.”

Each disc serves a separate purpose.

“If you need one to turn to the left a lot, pull out this disc,” Hopkins said. “If you need one to turn to the right, you can pull out that disc. If you want one to go out straight, you pull out this disc.”

There will be a tournament in Shelby in early August. Baldwin disc golfers will be in the state disc golf final in Ludington.

The Baldwin course has nine holes. There are 18-hole and 24-hole facilities in other areas. 4-H installed the course on the school grounds and 4-H runs the program. The school does most of the maintenance to the course, Hopkins noted.