Lake County commissioner an avid bow hunter

BALDWIN — Bob Myers of Baldwin is wearing many hats lately.

He’s a member of the Lake County Board of Commissioners and is vice president of the Lake County Sportsman’s Club. Myers is very enthusiastic over the newly-formed sportsman’s club.

“A good 30 to 40 percent of it is going to get the youth involved with safety courses, but also with archery and hunting,” Myers said. “We know that Lake County is a part of, what we revere, our touring business and hunting. We want to perpetuate this within our club with the youth and anyone we want here.”

Myers has been a bow hunter for 54 years. He displayed a buck —155 7/8 Boone & Crockett score, 240 pounds dressed and an 11-pointer — at the Turkey Hunters Rendezvous Saturday at Baldwin High School. He shot that years ago in Ohio.

Bowhunting is why Myers moved to the Baldwin area. He’s been in the area since 1992 when he retired but he bought the property nine years before that.

“I trained a lot of young people in shooting recurves,” he said. “I shoot trap and skeet over in Reed City.”

Myers says he does “very little” rifle hunting.

“I’ve never really got into it,” he said. “I’ve killed very few deer with rifle. I’ve killed moose, bear and caribou, all with the recurve. I started hunting back in 1957. They didn’t have compound bows back then. I’ve stayed with recurve all my life.

“At 70 years old, I shot a bear in the Upper Peninsula to prove I could still do it.. That was the fourth bear in my life I’ve shot with a recurve. I’m thinking about doing it again this year, I don’t know.”

He also hunts turkeys with a shotgun. Most of his hunting is in the Lake County area.

“I stay in Michigan to go bear hunting,” Myers said. “I’ve hunted in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana...Colorado, Wyoming, Montana.”

He’s a native of Toledo, but enjoys where he’s at now especially with the outdoor opportunities.

“I love being in the woods with the bow and the quietness of it and being right with the animals,” Myers said.