Lake County anglers facing challenges

Anglers in Lake County are having challenges this week. (Star file photo)

Anglers in Lake County are having challenges this week. (Star file photo)

BALDWIN - Fishing in Lake County continues to overcome the challenges of warm weather.

It's been slow, Doug Loomis of Ed's Sport Shop in Baldwin has observed.

"It hasn't been in great numbers," Loomis said. "Activity is not up to par. We haven't heard anything about early salmon but we don't expect to hear about that until early August."

Brandon Tabor from Pere Marquette River Lodge said water temperatures "were real high and making fishing pretty bad. But we've gotten a little bit of rain and more modern and mellow temperatures and the fishing is starting to pick back up.

"The river is staying at a little safer level for the fish and fishing. It's still a little slow for things to be picking up, especially with the virus. It's a very different year."

"Things have been good," Jake McMillon, of Baldwin Bait & Tackle said. "Summertime trout fishing has been steady. There's still a lot of summertime terrestrials as far as hoppers, ants, beetles. Fishing after dark continues to be good. Nymphing has been productive as well.

"The one big thing we're keeping a steady eye on is the water temp on the river. We've had a couple of days here or there we couldn't fish because of the water temperatures. But the rain has helped cool the water back down so we can get back out fishing."