Lake County Sportsman Club continues to grow

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BALDWIN – It’s a been a busy and productive year for the Lake County Sportsman Club.

Just ask officer and long-time member Harold Nichols of Baldwin.

“We finished up our annual raffle and have a couple of new projects going,” Nichols said. “We’re working on our archery range for 4-H. We excavated that out. We’ll break ground on that in the spring as well as our skeet range.”

The primary user of the archery range will be the 4-H youngsters, Nichols pointed out.

“Obviously club members are welcomed to use the same facility,” he said.

The clubgrounds on McKinley Road, east of Baldwin, currently have a pistol and rifle range.

The skeet range will be new and will be started on in the spring.

“We have been fund-raising and have the money for that,” Nichols said. “We’ll start construction in the spring. There’s trap and skeet, and the club is (debating) over which to put in or both. We want to insure whichever one gets in will get the most use.”

The club is hoping to eventually put up a clubhouse.

“We’re just going to start building,” Nichols said. “We started up another fund for that project alone and seem to be getting closer and closer to that goal. I think instead of searching for grants, we’re just going to build it.

“We don’t want to do an indoor range at this time. This would be a clubhouse/training facility kind of place for indoor classrooms and that sort of thing.”

County sportsmen continue to be active. Nichols indicated numbers for deer taken during the firearm season were down.

“Everybody ice fishes,” Nichols said. “Everyone is kind of gearing up for that right now. We’re waiting for some ice to get out there.”

Idlewild, Big Star and Bass lakes, “are three of the top ones,” Nichols said, noting panfish and bass are among the favorite species in those areas.