BALDWIN -- Len Todd is the promoter for the Lake County Modelers and Flyers Association's events and is looking forward to the summer.

"Once the weather warms up a bit, the Lake County Modelers and Flyers Association (LCMFA) will start flying outdoors again," Todd said. "LCMFA currently has 93 members, with 26 of the members being RC Jet pilots. We draw members from Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and all over Michigan.

"We conduct five annual events at the Baldwin RC Park which is located on the Baldwin Municipal Airport. We also conduct after-school programs for the Baldwin Community Schools.

"LCMFA has a 30-year agreement with the Village of Baldwin to establish an RC Park. The RC Park has two turf RC runways, a fiber mat for planes with smaller wheels, and an RC Car track. LCMFA also conducts several of their major events and mini-rallies off the airport's main runway. Over the last seven years, LCMFA, its partners, donors and sponsors have invested over $65,000 in infrastructure improvements to establish one of the finest RC sites in the Midwest."

He added a primary goal of LCMFA is to draw pilots and spectators to the area.

"We occasionally fill the hotels and restaurants," Todd said. "Our pilots and spectators buy groceries, gas and drinks, etc. LCMFA events have become a economic engine for the local businesses. Nineteen local and regional businesses sponsor our events and activities.

"LCMFA also has eight national sponsors that provide thousands of dollars worth of products. LCMFA uses these products as pilot prizes to draw pilots to the area. LCMFA also provides some advertising for its sponsors on fliers, in the monthly newsletter and on the website"

When the weather is good, "LCMFA members also typically fly Sunday and Wednesday evenings," Todd said. "We typically have 10 people show up. We also conduct several Mini-Jet Rallies over the course of the summer. Mini-rallies are impromptu gatherings of 5-to-10 jet pilots for a quick day at the field. In the past we have opened these periods to the general public. We'll may have to reevaluate inviting the public as we go forward with virus restrictions, etc.

"In June, our five annual RC events kick off with the Michigan Jet Rally at the Baldwin RC Park. In spite of the current virus restrictions, we are hoping that we will be able to conduct these events. The Michigan Jet Rally typically draws 40 RC jet pilots and many spectators. If we can't run the Jet Rally, then there are the other four events which come later in the season. If we can't do any of these events, well, we'll still be out there flying mini-rallies, and evenings, etc."

Should school return to session, "we will most-likely reinitiate our local after-school program which is based around RC modeling. The kids were about to move into RC cars and outdoor RC planes when the virus restrictions were imposed," Todd said. "I am certain that they will be ready to get back into the action, once the virus restrictions clear up."