Kane gives extra power to Baldwin basketball attack


BALDWIN — Demetrius Kane comes off the bench for the Baldwin boys basketball team simply looking to do whatever he can to help the Panthers.

That certainly turned out to be the case Thursday in a 72-22 win over Mason County Eastern. Despite the one-sidedness of the final, the Panthers started out slow and Kane provided a huge offensive spark with 12 points. His contributions keyed a big 39-point Baldwin quarter.

“He played a big part in the game,” Baldwin coach Kevin Dillard said. “He played out of position. He got some key rebounds in the game. He’s a hustle player and he does whatever I ask him to do. If it’s the four spot or any spot, he’ll go in there. He just wants to play. He’s a great asset.”

Kane said he was comfortable coming in the game and took advantage of his scoring opportunities. He and Dillard said that Kane has diversified talents and can do whatever is needed at a particular time.

“His usual spot is a two guard, two spot, three,” Dillard said. “He went in there for the big guy, played a four and he did very well. He’s the type of guy who will play anywhere, as long as he’s playing. He’s a high energy guy. He’ll give 110 percent. He’s a great defensive player, also.”

Kane is looking forward to continuing to contribute to the Baldwin attack. The game at MCE proved his potential.

“I think that game solidified his place in the rotation,” Dillard said. “I want to go with eight for nine guys. That game showed he should be in the rotation.”

The 12 points from Kane were a pleasant scene.

“He’s usually a defensive player,” Dillard said. “He can score. He was able to make things happen and be a spark off the bench.”