JV volleyball team boasts large lineup

BALDWIN — Bob Hilts is back for another season as Baldwin’s junior varsity volleyball coach.

But he and his players, who have been practicing for several days, are anxious to get some game action under their belts.

The first JV match isn’t scheduled until Sept. 24 right now.

“We’re trying to get some scrimmages in,” Hilts said. “We have to get rolling. We’re practicing every day, getting better and better. I have 16 on the team. Five of my freshmen are back as sophomores this year. Once we’re rolling we’ll be rolling. We’ll have a good jump on them this year. We want to get some game action. That’s all we’re asking for.” The Panthers are scheduled to have a home JV invitational during the season, Hilts added.

Top players are expected to be sophomores Makayla Higbee and Isabella Hibma.

“We have some freshmen in there that are going to help us a lot,” Hilts said. “We’re playing the ball right. I have a freshman who is tall and can jump pretty good. Her timing is a little off right now. If I can get her to jump, we can probably spike like varsity.”