It's getting un-BEAR-able in the area

Baldwin's Jim Warren cites a higher bear presence

BALDWIN - Bear traffic in Lake County seems to be on the rise.

Residents are noticing plenty of movement from their black bear visitors.

"They're terrible," Baldwin area resident Jim Warren said. "They're going to have to do something about them. They're around everywhere.

"I've got a momma and three cubs that are hanging around my place. People west of me has one who looks like he's 450-pounds. He's chasing them out of this yard all the time."

The DNR advises residents to keep all traces of food and bird feeders unavailable as not to attract bears looking for food.

Meanwhile, Warren is looking forward to June 28 when he will take a charter out of South Haven with his grandson, Tyler Clugston, and others to go perch fishing.

Clugston and his grandfather had also continued to enjoy strong bluegill fishing in the Lake County area.