LEROY - The on-and-off situation with ice fishing seems to be off again, at least for now, with the recent warming trend.

Ice fishing appeared to be under way a week ago and many anglers were finding good ice.

But in most places, this doesn't seem to be the case any longer.

"Last week was quite busy," Brad Cox of Buck's Country Store in LeRoy, said. "I don't know about now; they definitely have to check the ice before they venture on it with the warm spells we've had."

The same applies in Mecosta County.

"We've got a little bit going," Scott Hart of Frank's Sporting Goods in Morley, said. "We've got some guys putting their boats back out now that the ice has thawed off. It sounds like they're going over to get Hardy and Rogers, trying for more walleye action."

Hart concurred ice fishing seemed to be at a standstill.

"There's still a couple of guys saying there's some ice in Cadillac," he said.

In northwest Michigan, the availability of ice depends on who's doing the talking and in what location. Locations farther north are likely to be getting some ice.

"Our ice is pretty much gone," Bud Fitzgerald of Tangle Tackle Co., said. "There are some places still fishable. We are getting reports from the bridge to the dam as far as steelhead. They're still using a lot of beads, but also pink jigs with wax worms. That seems to be working well."

Larry Scharich of Shipwatch Marina in Manistee said he hasn't heard of too much activity.

"I think they're doing something in the river yet," he said. "That's about it. What ice we were getting has gone down south."

Dan Osborn of Osborn Sport Shop in Bear Lake indicated fishing activity has been down. Activity continues in Benzonia County.

"They're fishing for steelhead yet," Steve Forrester of the Backcast Fly Shop in Benzonia said. "They're getting a couple here, a couple there. There's a little bit of ice fishing going on in the littler lakes. They were getting some fish like crappies at Lake Cadillac. People were going after pike fishing in some of the smaller lakes."