Howard calls the action for the Panthers, and loves it

BALDWIN — Joe Howard has been a fixture at Baldwin football, basketball and volleyball games on the high school and junior high levels.

He does the announciing and also has other duties.

And he loves it.

Howard has been doing the job for 17 years. Monday, he was working a junior high basketball game.

“I do here what few people do at other schools,” he said. “I keep score and announce.”

“He said he took interest when he was coming to games when his son was in junior high.My father was a disc jockey,” he said. “I used to come up here and spend my summers here. I met my girl friend, now my wife. My last three years of high school were here.”

The area resident is retired but spends plenty of time at Baldwin events.

“I like being around the kids,” he said. “I don’t have children left at home.”

Howard said he’s done the job long enough and has become acclimated to the challenges. He doesn’t have one favorite sport, but likes them all.

“There been some nice players that have come through like Andon Ware, Brandon Childress,” Howard said. “When they would make a big play, that would be exciting.”

He’s at the Baldwin gym usually twice a week.

“Then I do road games,’he said. “I do the book on the road.”

One of his favorite lines from the pressbox is when a football referee drops a penalty flag.

“There’s some laundry on the carpet.”

That’s Joe Howard at his finest.