Government Lake softball team goes 2-0

BALDWIN — Government Lake won both games in Baldwin Men’s Softball League action Tuesday night.

H&H and Baldwin Bowling Center were both 1-1. Knights was 0-2. The most intense game of the night was between Baldwin Bowling Center and H&H. BBC pulled out a 17-16 victory.

Wednesday’s results put Government Lake at 5-1 while H&H is 3-1, Baldwin Bowling Center 1-3, M-37 Meat Shack 1-3 and Knights 0-6.

Curt Gravatt continues to work with the league.

Doubleheaders take place every Wednesday at the Hollister Park fields. Losers of the first game switch fields to play winners in the second game.

“We’re not going to complain about anything,” Gravatt said of the five-team conference. “We’ve got the league back.”

There was not enough numbers for a league last season. The new league started action a few weeks ago.

Action starts at 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday.

“Winners stay and losers switch fields,” Gravatt said. “That way, we’re not playing the same team in a doubleheader. That mixes it up a little bit.”