BALDWIN - It was a hot day on Saturday at Marquette Trails Golf Club but course owner Chris Balulis and clubhouse assistant Doc Huzel were enjoying the chance of keeping things going.

The course is hosting three leagues a week.

"It's a little hot," Balulis said on Saturday. "People don't enjoy playing in this type of weather. We need it to get back down in the 80s a little bit."

Despite the lack of sufficient rain, Marquette Trails officials say the course is good shape. They repaired a well which made for some anxious moments before it got fixed. The watering system has been getting the job done.

"I never know if I'm going to get back closed down or not," Balulis said after hearing a speech from Gov. Whitmer.

Huzel said the ladies league has 24 players, the Wednesday men has 24 and the Thursday men has 40.

The Thursday league is higher "because it's the main league, if you will" Huzel said.