BALDWIN -- It's the second week of activity at Marquette Trails Golf Course but owner Chris Balulis and others continue to wait for the state to authorize motorized carts.

It was two weeks when courses were allowed to be open. The key date is May 15 when course owners are hoping they'll get the greenlight from Governor Gretchen Whitmer to use carts.

Balulis has said she's getting some response from golfers.

'We're getting some, but not being able to ride deters more than it gains," she said. "Right now you can only use it under the handicapped act."

There's no plans for golf leagues at the present time without the carts. The course usually has two men's leagues (Wednesday and Thursday) and women's league (Thursday) during the week, plus various tournaments.

"They haven't started yet because of the no cart rule," Balulis said.