Freshman catcher off to strong start for Baldwin

BALDWIN  —  Dixie Herington is only a freshman but has been busy in her catching duties with the Baldwin softball team.

Herington started catching in third grade.

“I was supposed to be in coach-pitch for 4H,” Herington recalled. “I got bumped up to softball because they needed more players. They asked me to try catching and that’s when I started.”

She’s been catching since that time. She hasn’t played for the past two years before getting to the high school level. Practices started March 9 for the high school team.

“I think you get more action with the ball and you’re more involved with everything,” she said of the position. “You have to know what to do and make sure you get the ball to where it needs to be.”

So far, Herington has been happy in her abilities to keep the ball in front of her. She also likes her arm for keeping runners honest.

Herington wants to improve on her hitting.

“I’m lefthanded (batting) so it’s kind of awkward,” she said. “I just need a lot of practice.”