BALDWIN — Former Baldwin basketball coach Josh Kutchinski returned to the high school gym last Thursday to conduct a unique boys elementary camp.

“It’s a camp I put on to try to get the community back involved,” he said. “As a kid I used to love going to the Reggie Fox camps and being a part of it. I kind of wanted to do the same thing. They really don’t have anything like that anymore.

“The idea was to start with the youth and get the tradition involved. That was our model, the tradition, getting the kids back at a younger age and trying to build up.... That group in the 1990s that graduated were all really good because of having these camps as a youth, getting a sense of basketball and what it is. We’re trying to get the community back involved with it as well.”

The camp last week attracted around 25 youngsters. The ages were 8-13. Most were boys but there were also some girls.

“I had three guest speakers that did a tremendous job,” Kutchinski said. “They drove up from Detroit. Durand Watkins, one of the best players to ever play in Baldwin, came up from Detroit, so did Ira Childress. Kenny Nichols drove up. They touched on academics, having the grades and being eligible to play basketball. Then we did our stations. I had five stations. They worked on dribbling and passing, shooting, defense and rebounding.

“After that, we had our hot shot competition where you shoot from the box...we got the kids involved and having fun. That was the main thing.”

Kutchinski started his pro coaching career in Brazil and returned there after his Baldwin camp ended. Another Baldwin native Shawn Williams, went with Kutchinski to coach football in the country.

“It’s literally starting from scratch,” Kutchinski said. “It’s a test. The people are great, They work with you, they love you there. I’m having fun with that. Shawn’s doing a great job with the football team. They won their first game. He’s doing a heckuva job there.”