Fishing at Pere Marquette producing unique results

BALDWIN — July should be an interesting month for fishing along the Pere Marquette River.

“Starting with the morning, nymphing has been very productive,” said Jake Kopec of the Pere Marquette River Lodge. “If its overcast, low light conditions, streamer fishing has been very productive.

“Around noon, you’ll see some bugs hatch. In the evening, you have your graydrakes...night fishing has been really hot lately. We’re getting a lot of bites. The hexes has been hatching. Mousing has been very productive, fishing with a mouse.”

When it’s a nice overcast day, streamer fishing is where it’s at, Kopec indicated. “But if it’s been hot and sunny like it is, fishing with dry flies has gone well.”

Jake McMillon of Baldwin Bait & Tackle said the river has had a pick up with bites on grasshoppers. “They’re taking decent numbers of fish, “he said. “Gray drakes and hex are still going. It’s weather depending on them. Not every night is a real great night for them. During the day, your classics, like stimulators are still producing.”

Nymphs are also working during the day.

“They‘re still working on the trout,” McMillon said. “In the lakes, your bluegills are out deep. Due to the high skies the bites haven’t been heavy but it’s still there. Bass fishing has still been good. Business has picked up the last couple of weeks.”