BALDWIN — Baldwin junior lineman Darrion Hayter is ready for some football.

Hayter will be playing left defensive tackle and left offensive tackle for the Panthers.

The Panthers have around 14 players for the 8-player format.

“We will have to alternate,” Hayter said. We’ll have to play different positions.”

The Panthers scrimmaged at Colon last week and will open the season 1 p.m. on Saturday at Camden-Frontier.

It’s Hayter’s third year on the varsity team and he’s expected to be a key player for the Panthers.

This marks Baldwin’s second season of 8-man football. Hayter indicated the players are comfortable with the 8-player system.

“You have to pay attention in practice,” he said.

On defense, “my strength is getting to the quarterback and stopping the run,” Hayter said.

On offense, we need more protection for the quarterback,” he said.

The Panthers started practicing on Aug. 8 and Hayter indicated it was a matter of getting in as much work as possible.

“Once we get there, we’ll be good,” he said. “We should be good (by the second week of practice). We’ll be fine.”